Joe Budden Proves 6ix9ine Is A Manipulating SNITCH

Joe Budden Proves 6ix9ine Is A Manipulating SNITCH

Joe Budden Proves 6ix9ine Is A Manipulating SNITCH!

During the Joe Budden Podcast, he revealed an interesting situation that involves an attorney who refused to do an interview with Tekashi 6ix9ine because he realized that he was trying to change the narrative about being a snitch. Read on…


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shout out to @joebudden. check out his podcast today where he plays the audio from my post and discuss his view on the situation

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During the podcast, Joe Budden helped to put into words what a New York attorney named moe aka LawyerForWorkers was trying to say about turning 6ix9ine down. reports that LawyersForWorkers and himself steered clear of Tekashi 6ix9ine because he’s manipulating the hip hop culture.

Joe Bidden explains that Tekashi’s people reached out that his people stated that Budden new his people.

He says that 6ix9ine wants to do an interview and he will reveal facts that no has heard. This was a day after his New York Times interview.

He says that Murph wanted to put him on the phone, and was willing to pay, but Joe Budden was not here for the money.

6ix9ine’s people tried to claim that this would be Joe’s biggest interview of his career, but he was NOT INTERESTED.

Joe Budden was NOT doing it for numbers, he has integrity. And Joe learned that 6ix9ine was looking to shit on a bunch of people behind the scenes and expose them.

Budden said, why don’t he just do it on his own on Instagram, they said 6ix9ine is NOT going to do that.

What Tekashi 6ix9ine was trying to do was get Joe Budden to cosign and legitimize himself to manipulate hip hop culture. Budden make is clear that 6ix9ine is NOTHING but a SNITCH and a major MANIPULATOR – This is why Joe turned his back and walked away from his nasty energy!

Listen To Joe because he PROVES 6ix9ine is trying to manipulate and RAT more on people in the hip hop community.

Joe has major integrity and clicks, views, and money is NOT worth it when its coming from a bad place.

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