Kanye West CALLS Himself The New Moses

Kanye West CALLS Himself The 'New Moses'

Kanye West CALLS Himself The new Moses!

Once again, Kanye West is a self-proclaiming rapper is pointing out that the music industry is a “modern-day slave ship.” Read on about Kanye West is the New Moses

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Kanye, 43, states that “I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony… I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved.”

West went on to say that he is the new Moses.

Kanye writes:

I’m putting my life on the line for my people… The music industry and the NBA are modern-day slave ships… I am the new Moses

Kim Kardashian West’s husband insisted he was focused on his faith rather than the industry itself.

West calls for unity, stating in a series of posts:

I miss my brothers… I refuse to argue with black men on labels we don’t own… even twitter. I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own. Let’s stop killing each other … let’s show God that we are God’s people … my ego gets the best of me too… God doesn’t measure us by money in his kingdom …Let’s love each other… I love my brothers and I miss my friends … real talk (sic).

Kanye revealed he had deleted another tweet about “riches” and urged people to “rise up” and “communicate.”

He then added:

Buy land… Use government money and buy land… We have to evolve.

We find that interesting since T.I. was urging people last week to use government money and buy land. It appears Kanye must have saw Tips post and is riding his train.

He later wrote, “after again telling his followers to ”buy property”

My kids gonna own my masters.

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