Joe Budden Addresses Abuse Accusations

Joe Budden Addresses Abuse Accusations

Joe Budden Addresses Abuse Accusations!

Following the announcement that Joe Budden was leaving Spotify radio, his name became the center of attention on social media.

His ex Tahiry Jose, who was dating Vado, until he choked her out on Marriage Bootcamp, recently spoke about her violent relationship with Joe.

Then his ex-girlfriend/the mother of his son leaked and Cyn Santana accused Joe Budden of being physical abuse towards her.

Now there are legal documents that allege he masturbates with his dog. Read on for more on Joe Budden Cyn Santana Abuse… reports that in a Live video, Joe Budden professed his love for dogs.

Joe Budden explains:

I love dogs, hopefully, you guys do too, I love animals. I love my dogs who died. Rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem. They’re turning in their grave reading all this bullshit.

Budden continued:

You guys said I beat women up, again. You guys said that I f*cked my dog and it was heavy on me yesterday.

Joe went on to claim that Raqi Thunda leaked the phone call between him and Cyn. Raqi use to work for Cyn and Cyn suggested someone close to her leaked the call but didn’t get specific.

Check it:

What do you think about Cyn Santan Joe Budden abuse claims? Does she need security protection?

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