Dave East BLAST Delta Airlines for Racist Behavior

Dave East BLAST Delta Airlines for Racist Behavior

Dave East BLAST Delta Airlines for Racist Behavior!

Continue on to see how Delta Airlines threw rapper Dave East off a flight to Jamaica because he was black. Apparently a white woman was allegedly scared and got him kicked off the plane…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Dave East was a victim o racism when a woman had him thrown off a flight to Jamaica.

Dave East has called out Delta Airlines for racist behavior after being kicked off a flight.

On Friday (September 11th), the rapper posted on his Instagram account a video of the encounter where he alleges that he was racially profiled while sitting in first class.

In the three minute video, you can see an African American male speaking to a woman who seemed to work for the airlines on behalf of the rapper.

When getting off of the plane, Dave East is greeted by multiple Port Authority police officers in the hallway. East stated that he was removed from the plane because of racism.

The whole time he asks where is the woman who had his tossed from the flight. And he points out a heavyset man who wanted to talk to him walking away since East was filming the whole incident.

East yells out:

Hey, big man where you going??? Where he going he wanted to talk to me?

Dave calmly goes on saying:

You got people on the plane that don’t even know me defending me. 

Then you hear the police telling him, “relax.”

This is what the Trump administration has allowed racist behavior. White supremacists have backed Trump since 2016 and now they continue to harass black people and divide the country.

So far Delta has NOT responded.

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