Why is Jay Z Legal Team Helping 21 Savage

Why is Jay Z Legal Team Helping 21 Savage

As we previously reported 21 Savage (real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) was arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Sunday.

Following his arrest, Savage called out ICE for “incorrect information.” Then, news broke that Jay Z is having his Roc Nation legal team help to get 21 Savage out of prison.

But we ask, why is Jay Z helping to free 21 Savage? What are his intentions, what is his agenda and motives, why? Read on…

Why is Jay Z Legal Team Helping 21 SavageCelebNMusic247.com questions Jay Z stepping up to help the British-born rapper. And why is Hov acting like Kim Kardashian who has been on a crusade to help innocent incarcerated men locked up?

We understand Kim’s agenda to appeal to the masses in case Kanye West decides to announce a run for President in 2020, it helps her First Lady appearance. Don’t get it, twisted people, nothing is ever done without an agenda and a plan in entertainment. And please hate, and talk shit, the truth is out there just open your eyes and see past the smoke and mirrors.

Moving on Jay Z could be like Kim and help true innocent incarcerated men, but instead, he is keeping his assistance high profile to get that “see what I am doing” appraisal.

Hov has reportedly said 21’s situation “an absolute travesty” and will do whatever he can to assist much as he did with Meek Mill. This is why he has responded with this is a “matter of injustice” hiring attorney Alex Spiro.

Spiro has now weighed in on Savage’s situation:

We are not going to stop until he is released, bonded out or in front of a judge.  What we have here is someone who overstayed their Visa with an application pending for 4 years – not a convicted criminal that needs to be detained and removed but, by all accounts a wonderful person, father, and entertainer who has a marijuana offense which was vacated and sealed.

Meanwhile, 21’s attorney Charles Kuck and his legal team revealed he’s had a pending U visa application since 2017. This makes no sense because his visa expired in 2006. Savage knew damn well for 11 years that he was illegally in the US. He obviously knew (allegedly) that he was gonna get caught so he applied in 2017 for a U visa, two years before he got arrested. We understand this throws a wrench in his plans to be a US rapper, but it would be more believable if he had applied for is U visa in 2007.

See, his application for his U visa in 2017 may have triggered the background check and ultimately led to his arrest.

21 is currently in “removal proceedings,” but his legal team vows to fight deportation.

All these #FACTS raise an eyebrow, because why is Jay Z so concerned? What stake does he have in 21’s career, what is his intentions and why? This looks great to the many fans and hip hop community, but there is a reason for his help. We just question why is Jay helping 21 Savage, an Atlanta rapper connected to the murder of Bankroll Fresh?

If anyone was paying attention, but we doubt it. Bankroll Fresh was the next big rapper to come out of Atlanta.

Instead, 21 Savage surfaced. In the videos below which have now been cleaned up and edited over the years. You can still see, 21 Savage’s close friend No Plug boasting about killing Bankroll.

In the second video, you can see 21 making jokes about No Plug killing Bankroll. At the time of the killing, many reports surfaced that No Plug a friend and protege of Bankroll Fresh. No learned how to rap by Fresh, then the two fell out over a chick and the rest is history. Bankroll was shot dead outside of an Atlanta studio. Following the murder, he went to VladTV a happily admitted he pulled the trigger that killed Bankroll Fresh.

21 Savage speaks on No Plug murdering Bankroll Fresh:

Check how 21 Savage is instigating No Plug to admit “he killed Bankroll Fresh while on stage performing.”

And Jay Z is helping 21 to stay in the US? A guy who is laughing about another man being shot and killed? Note he is standing with the trigger man?

Following the death of Bankroll Fresh who had a deal with 2 Chainz label, 21 Savage surfaced instead. No one knew who Savage was until 2.5 years ago. Once Bankroll dead, 21’s career started. He first airwaves hit came with “X” featuring Future, then Drake’s “Sneakin” ft. 21 Savage followed by he and Post Malone’s song “Rockstar” that threw him over the top. In 2016, he was also part of the ‘Freshman Class’ of 2016 by ‘XXL’.

What makes no sense is Jay Z supporting Savage:

There are plenty of innocent men locked up in prison, but Jay Z is helping 21 Savage? Either Hov has a stake in 21’s music or he wants him at Roc Nation. The other aspect is that Jay will look like the savior to many hip hop fans who just listen to music and only read the headlines. There are a few who really read the #FACTS and get the details, but those people tend to be the ones in the game, the ones who care, this is why so much BS is swept under the carpet and fans stay clueless.

See, what Y’all missing is Jay is doing this for a reason. He is helping Savage, but in the end, 21 will be indebted to him for life. You watch, if 21 Savage gets out thanks to Hov’s legal team, he will move to Roc Nation.

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