Young Buck First Gay Thug Rapper Questions G-Unit

Young Buck First Gay Thug Rapper Questions G-Unit

On Friday night, Young Buck took to social media in an emotional video asking 50 Cent, “Am I an artist on G-Unit Records?” He also revealed that he received a cease and desist from G-Unit Records.

Read on to get the tea spill on Young Buck calling out 50 Cent over blocking his “Box of Chocolates” mixtape… has the latest from rapper Young Buck who was recently exposed by a Transgender woman who he’s been allegedly smashing since he got out of prison.

Young Buck CLAPPED BACK in full denial mode stating that he is NOT gay, but it’s too late for all that, it is what it is and these days hip hop heads would have more respect if he just said: “yup, I did that.” He even went as far begging the Transgender female to take down the post.

We’d move on and 50 Cent would more than likely work with him but the drama surrounding the rumors are too great and, it is what it is.

What should Young Buck do?

Be real about it. Come out or claim he’s “fluid” and move on, if that happened it would dead and fans and critics would forget.

Buck took to Instagram on February 9 to ask 50 what’s up and is he still on G-Unit Records?

David Darnell Brown, 37, best known as Young Buck captioned his video post asking Fiddy:

?……AYE @50cent ??????? #BoxOfChocolates? DROPPING #ValentinesDay #linkinbio ??!!

The two rappers relationship has been on shaky ground for a while now and Buck is really emotional since he claims 50 Cent sent him a cease and desist to block the release of Buck’s “Box of Chocolates” mixtape dropping in 4 days.

Buck tearfully says:

“Am I an artist on G-Unit Records?”

Meanwhile, one fan broke it down saying:

Buck made a mistake talking about 50 on the internet. He thought 50 was going to respond and blogs will pick it up so he was gonna feed off the buzz. He should know 50 is too smart to fall for that. IGNORED and no blogs give a fuck Now he realized he messed up.

The problem all started back in January when Buck went at 50 Cent about ghost writers and that he wrote Get Rich or Die Tryin’.


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