Jaden Smith Continues To Prove Tyler The Creator is His Man

Jaden Smith Continues To Prove Tyler The Creator is His Man

It has been some time now since news broke that Jaden Smith told his fans that he was in a romantic relationship with Tyler, The Creator at Camp Flog Gnaw.

We all know that Tyler The Creator has been vocal in his lyrics that he’s “been kissing white boys since 2004.” So, why is it so important that Jaden Smith tell the world Tyler is his man? Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that these days Jaden Smith takes a more nonchalant approach to claims his Zaddy is Tyler The Creator.

At first, everybody seemed to believe Jaden Smith‘s the statement, but Tyler The Creator seemed to laugh it off in a denial type of way.

Maybe, this is Jaden’s first love and let’s be real fellas we’ve all been there with a first. When you are straight its like “dude I banged this chick and I’m not a virgin anymore.”

If Jaden and Tyler relationship is true, here is a theory:

When you have sex with a man for the first time, it’s completely different, especially if you are on the receiving end. The connection is deeper and if that is what Jaden is going through then we get it.

Jaden isn’t a white boy, and he has been ambiguous with his fashion decisions, wearing skirts on a few occasions. But in his defense, dealing with being a famous celebrity kid, it’s hard because the media is always in your business. However, he has been quiet about his personal life until now, and that’s why we believe Tyler is someone special to him and possibly his first real love.

Some people are claiming that their relationship is all a charade, but we doubt it.

Jaden was approached by paparazzi over the weekend when he was asked if he was seriously dating Tyler when he responded in the affirmative. (above)

He said calmly:


The camera man replies with a “congratulations” as Jaden got in the car and drove off.

Meanwhile, Jaden has released a few videos to accompany his latest project, which released a few weeks ago.

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