Howard Stern Weighs In on Ellen DeGeneres Drama

Howard Stern Weighs In on Ellen DeGeneres Drama

Howard Stern Weighs In on Ellen DeGeneres Drama!

Well, it’s worked for him! So maybe it could work for Ellen DeGeneres’  before she hits the floor on her seeming fall from grace. Read on for more on Howard Stern giving advice to Ellen DeGeneres reports Stern took a moment to speak on his SiriusXM series the “Howard Stern Show” to give his friend Ellen some host to host advice.

Howard Stern says:

I’d go on the air and be a son of a bitch. People would come on and [I would] go, ‘F–k you.’ Just be a p—k.

Stern continued:

So you think I’m a p—k? I’m going to show you exactly. … I’m known on the air as a p—k, but off the air, I’m known as a great guy, you know, for the most part.

He said that this is what he did to “change [his] whole image.”

The 65-year-old and DeGeneres, 62, have been friends for some time — he even remarried his wife, Beth, on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2019 — and he made his “rebranding” suggestion with the caveat that he thinks DeGeneres should try to work things out with her staff first.

Stern, who mentioned that he’s been working from his Hamptons home during the pandemic, said he counts among his staffers a writer who’s been late to work “900 times” without recrimination and that the brouhaha over the culture at “Ellen” has moved him to re-evaluate his own show.

He asked:

You know who’s abused in my workplace? Me.

Whether DeGeneres intends to follow Stern’s advice when she returns to work on Aug. 24 for “Ellen’s Game of Games” remains to be seen. Insiders say either way, she has no intention of quitting, despite the avalanche of bad publicity

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