Future Addresses Paternity Lawsuits In New Song “Last Name”

Future Addresses Paternity Lawsuits In New Song "Last Name"

Leave it to Future to plead innocent a new song with Lil Durk entitled “Last Name”, which seems to address these allegations.

See, Future’s baby mama drama has recently been popping up in headlines more than ever before. Both of Future’s alleged baby mamas Cindy Renae Parker and Eliza Seraphin are claiming that Future is the father of their children. Read on to see how Future addresses his paternity lawsuits…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Future currently has not one, but TWO, paternity lawsuits being leveled at him from Cindy Renae Parker and Eliza Seraphin.

Both women are claiming that Future is the father of their children. Future Hendrix has been trying to get these cases tossed by pleading that these women are simply trying to extort him for money.

Now, on Friday, Future released a new song with Lil Durk entitled “Last Name”, which seems to address these allegations.

In the track Future claims that he’s a stand-up guy who takes care of his own, but if he just wrapped it up these problems would stop.

Anyways, Future argues that he’s not running from his responsibilities:

This ain’t a diss song, this a real song
N–ga, we ain’t runnin’ from?no?responsibilities
I take care?of families
I’m embarrassed over this mess?that I done caused

In the first verse, Future calls out the women trying to latch on to him for his money after he has slept with them once. then he claims that they were just a jumpoff and he doesn’t remember their names. HNHH points out that A Genius contributor noticed that in a snippet of “Last Name” that was shared before its official release, Future rapped “I don’t know her name but she had my child.” Then in the final version, he switches up the second half of the line to “she wanna have my child.”

It’s obvious that he knows that the child is probably his and all he has to do is take a DNA test and it would be settled.

Continue on to the second verse:

F-ck the bitch once, now she wan’ cry
Snitches told the feds, I had an alibi
Brokenhearted, fuck my bitch every night
I don’t know her name, she wanna have my child
Laughin’ to the bank, got me runnin’ wild

The second verse shows that Future is expressing his refusal to give these women the attention they desire. Future has abstained from making any public comments about the paternity suits. He has taken matters to court.

In the meantime, he explicitly references Eliza Seraphin naming her son Wilburn, Future’s last name (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn).

Public conversation got you touchin’ clouds
Popped the wrong pill, hit the wrong dial
Ain’t no visitation, waitin’ for the trial
Took my last name, this ain’t ’bout the child
Real classy Jazzy, real don’t do no trollin’
Gotta treat you like you dead when you playin’ bogus


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