Scooter Braun ‘Completely Open’ To Selling Taylor Swift Her Music Catalog

Scooter Braun ‘Completely Open’ To Selling Taylor Swift Her Music Catalog

Has Scooter Braun changed his tune when it comes to Taylor Swift being able to buy back her music catalog?

Well, it appears that after Scooter Braun was added to a Taylor Swift fan group chat on Twitter, the exec claims he is willing to do what he can “to help fix it all.” Read on… reports that the Lover songstress took to social media to sound off about the latest update in the legal situation with music exec Scooter Braun.

Taylor Swift revealed that she cannot perform a medley of old songs at the American Music Awards, and will not be able to feature them in an upcoming Netflix doc about her life.

As you’ll recall, Scott Borchetta (founder of Big Machine Records) issued a lengthy statement on Friday to Variety tap-danced around the latest legal claims made by Swift.

Well, that set of Taylor stans who has been monitoring all the back and forth between camp Braun and camp Swift, including where celebs are siding.

When asked about the latest comments made by the 29-year-old, Braun messaged:

There isn’t truth to any of the statements, and I don’t have nor would I ever block anyone from singing their songs. I don’t even have the right to do that. I also don’t run big machine. That being said as her fans please ask her to call me back so that we can settle this and I hope to build a bridge.

Really Scooter?

The 38-year-old insisted she can perform her older tunes live after bein pressed about it.

He said:

She can. I never stopped her nor can I. I’m a fan too. My favorite on the album is The Man. It’s a smash. I have had my convos privately when I was made aware but my biggest hope is to finally connect with her to make this right.

Braun goes on to say he’s not attempting to block Tay from using her music, but NOW he’s open to selling the catalog back to her.

Scooter says:

Are u ready for this? If she called me she would know I’m completely open to selling her the catalog.

To add to his tap dance he gave a poor excuse on why he hasn’t gotten word back from Swift:

I have tried. No one is calling back. If they do they will see the narrative is wrong. No monster here. That is why we have so many mutual friends. This needs some communication and it’s fixed.

How Scooter Braun Makes A B-tch Move:

Instead of being a man, he chose to be a b-tch about the situation by pointing the finger at Taylor Swift claiming the ball is in her court.

Scooter said:

I wish you guys well. I hope you push the message of communication. No one wins in drama. I will keep trying to build the bridge. would appreciate your help. I believe no one is a bad person but hurt people hurt people. I want to try and fix the hurt. Take care.

Check the back and forth:

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