Fetty Wap Officially Trademarks His Name

Fetty Wap Officially Trademarks His Name

Fetty Wap is trying to protect his name at all costs, especially from people like Masika Kalysha.  No just kidding, NOT!

Though, Masika did drag his name on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood all last year after giving birth to his baby. Fetty Wap, the New Jersey sensation was spotted filling some legal docs. Read on…

Fetty Wap Officially Trademarks His Name

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that when Fetty Wap isn’t passing out money to the neighborhood, he’s trying to protect his entertainment name sake.

Fetty Wap is a smart business man, because he is the only rapper who can now use the name for all things music. Sorry President 45, but you can no longer claim Fetty Wap for your deficit.

Fetty Shooting, 3 Wounded; Alleged Shooter Caught

The “679” rapper has trademarked his stage name, so you better think twice before put his name on any sort of merchandise, because he’ll have every right to sue.

The “Trap Queen” MC, born Willie Maxwell II, didn’t want to end up like Common, who was originally first known as Common Sense before a ska band sued him back in the 90’s. The ska band had the rights to Common Sense so Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr was forced to shorten his stage name to Common. To be honest it worked out better for him.

Fetty Brings $165k to New Jersey Court to Pay $360 Fine

Whether label issues have played a part in it or not, Fetty Wap has been struggling to build enough hype to launch an official campaign for his upcoming sophomore album King Zoo.