Erica Calls Out Momma Dee Over Scrappy


Erica Calls Out Momma Dee Over Scrappy

What you didn’t see on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 3 Reunion Erica Calls Out Momma Dee Over Scrappy and who was the REAL cause behind their breakup.

While Tammy Rivera finally gets her time in the spotlight with Deb Antney, Srica cuts in and Momma Dee and she get into a heated argument over her breakup with Lil Scrappy.

Momma Dee and Erica have been going at it for years, but during this season she slipped the script when Erica premiered her fashion line. Scrappy asked his mom to make up with his baby mama and since then Dee has been tolerant

Momma Dee continues to say she doesn’t want to go there, but Erica Dixon has had enough and literally goes off on Scrappy’s mom.  Momma Dee immediately goes on the defensive when Erica calls her out for breaking her relationship with Scrappy.

Did Momma Dee Cause Erica and Scrappy To Split Up?