Eminem Targets Adrian Peterson


Eminem Targets Adrian Peterson!?!

Detroit rapper continues his reign of lyrical terror since Eminem Targets Adrian Peterson for his legal problems with child abuse.

CelebNMusic247.com has got the tea on Eminem and his verbal attack on the Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

Em takes aim in a new song called, “Detroit Vs. Everybody” on his new compilation albumShady XV” — in which he spits the following lyrics:

“What’s makin’ you think I need a switch? I’m Adrian Peterson …
When he’s raging and heated and on the way to go beat his kid …
On the track I spank like he just did.”

Listen to Eminem’s “Detroit vs Everybody” track:

So far, no response from AP.

Yesterday, Eminem came off like a bully saying he wanted to punch Lana Del Rey in the face and now this?

What do you think?