Diddy’s Ex GF Claims He Abused Her + Forced Her to Have 2 Abortions

Diddy's Ex GF Claims He Abused Her + Forced Her to Have 2 Abortions

This is absolutely crazy, but this is what we are hearing about Diddy. According to his ex-girlfriend Diddy is NOT the nicest man, no she is alleging that he physically assaulted her and forced her to abort two unborn children.

Read on, because this will shock you about Diddy…

CelebNMusic247.com got word in the early morning hours that an unidentified woman shared videos of Diddy and herself getting quite intimate on camera.

Diddy’s Ex GF whose name is Gina Huynh, aka Virginia V, shared the lovey-dovey moments on her Instagram with Diddy before swiftly taking them down.

Of course, the videos were snatched up by gossip outlet TheShadeRoom got a hold of these right before she could take them down. Anyways, Virginia V decided to sit down with media personality Tasha K to reveal all the details of her relationship with Diddy.

We find all this interesting since Diddy recently reached out to Cassie to congratulate her and Alex Fine having a baby. Alex put him on blast following Diddy’s comment stating that he tried to RUIN Cassie’s announcement.

She reveals that during Diddy and Cassie’s 10 year relationship, Virginia V had an on-and-off relationship with Diddy as well. In addition, Virginia V also cites numerous times when Diddy “stomped” and hit her.

Diddy’s Ex GF spilled the tea during an interview with Tasha K.:

She reveals the first time she got pregnant by Diddy back in October 2014 and how he wanted her to have an abortion immediately. She told him she just wanted to keep the baby because she loved him, but he offered to give her 50k to get rid of it.

Virgina V reveals that he was great in the first 3 months, but after that he was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing me. He would always compare me to Cassie and tell me that I’m the bad one, she’s a good one.” She goes on to say for the following 3 and a half years. He also degrated her when she broke out. She says that he called he a “hoe” everyday.

Diddy’s Ex GF also mentioned a few times where Diddy assaulted her for getting “warm” with other musicians such as Meek Mill.  She said that when she reached out to wish Meek a happy birthday, Diddy was pissed. After they left, he grabbed her hair in the SUV yelling, “WTF you touch his hand?” When the got back to the hotel room, he grabbed her face until her nose bled. She says that only D Roc helped her, but the rest of his entourage just let the abuse continue.

Why Diddy’s Ex GF Didn’t Leave:

Diddy’s Ex GF says that they would just turn away and leave the room. She stayed because she thought he only acted like that because he loved her. Coming from a home of domestic abuse she felt it was just normal.

Baby number two came in August 2018, after 6 years of dating. Huynh told him that she was ovulting and not to have sex but he did. After she got pregnant, he told her get an abortion. After she did he got upset and threw her out. Then he went to Burning Man and she went back to her home, but she explains that the abortion was mentally exhuasting. She said “I was f’d up in the head…and he didn’t care.”

 It also claims that Diddy is now dating Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old daughter, Lori Harvey.

Listen to part 2 of this shocking interview with Gina Huynh, aka Virginia V with Tasha K:

Wait, there is more in part 3 from Diddy’s Ex GF:

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