Alex Fine Checks Diddy For RUINING Pregnancy Announcement

Cassie's Boyfriend Alex Fine Check Diddy For RUINING Pregnancy Announcement

Last week Cassie and Alex Fine confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and they were happily expecting their new baby girl.

Alex Fine posted a beautiful open letter about how he was going to be an active father in her life and how he would always be there for her. Cassie said she could wait to meet her new little girl. That is when Diddy seemed to had taken the high road congratulating the couple, Alex found it to  as if he was trying to steal her thunder again. Read on to see what Alex is saying…

Cassie's Boyfriend Alex Fine Check Diddy For RUINING Pregnancy Announcement reports that Alex Fine, the man Diddy hired to train Cassie, and the man who won her heart, is NOT the biggest fan of the hip hop mogul.

Alex Fine took to social media to air his view on Diddy’s congratulations post.

See Diddy wants the world to know that he isn’t bitter about Cassie’s whimsical romance, so he appeared to take the high road instead of another dig. The question is this, “Is Alex Fine right about Diddy trying to outshine Cassie’s big news since he has a bigger nre.

Diddy originally congratulated his ex and her next with the following Instagram post:

@diddy Congratulations @Cassie and Alex. I wish you all nothing but love and happiness. God bless LOVE

That is what he wants everyone to think, but Alex feels otherwise.

Alex Fine may not have explicitly stated his distaste for Diddy’s gesture, but a social media “like” is worth a thousand words! Alex allegedly liked a comment from an Instagram follower, inferring that he agrees that the head Ciroc-boy in charge tried to steal he and Cassie’s moment with their pregnancy announcement.

He writes in the comment secto

“Diddy really tried to steal your moment. along with your photo. I think people can see now who he really is. he has no place in the future you have both built, you’re obviously a man with heart, integrity and the right values. Blessings to you all.

Cassie's Boyfriend Alex Fine Check Diddy For RUINING Pregnancy Announcement


TheJasmineBrand posted the snapshot first of Alex comment about Diddy.

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