Diddy Sources Claim Cassie Betrayed Him

Diddy Sources Claim Cassie Betrayed Him

Earlier this week we showed you Cassie and her new man, Alex Fine, but now Diddy’s people are claiming she betrayed him.

Read on for the tea spill on Diddy sources are claiming that Cassie was cheating on him with Fine…

Diddy Sources Claim Cassie Betrayed HimCelebNMusic247.com reports that Diddy and Cassie’s split just got really messy!

Apparently, Diddy sources are NOT staying quite about Cassie cheating on Diddy with her new boyfriend, Alex Fine.

According to TMZ, Diddy hired his trainer to work with Cassie. He was too busy so he has his partner fitness trainer work with Cassie.

Diddy sources are now claiming that the hip-hop mogul feels betrayed. Sean Combs believes that Cassie was doing way more than working out with Alex, He believes they hooked up before they split earlier this year.

Despite the fact that “sources connected to Alex and Cassie insist the two did NOT start dating until after she broke up with Diddy,” he feels otherwise.

What makes it all so questionable is that Cassie revealed her new boyfriend over the holiday weekend, just months after she called it quits with Diddy. They were together for 11-years.

Bottom line, at this point it doesn’t matter because Alex confirmed their relationship making it clear that he plans on rocking with Cassie in 2019.

Today, Diddy posted this on Instagram with the caption “Love”:


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L O V E ?

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