Diddy Blasts Kanye West For Meeting With Donald Trump

Diddy Blasts Kanye West For Meeting With Donald Trump

Uncle Tom Strikes Again! Like most all black Americans like Diddy who is somewhere right now still shaking his head asking, What happened Kanye West?

Kanye had a sitdown with President Trump and, yes, another rant.

We are all disgusted with Kanye West the millennial Uncle Tom of this century. Did you ever think that Kanye’s career would get overshadowed by himself betraying the black community like this? Read on because Diddy has some choice words…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on Kanye West and his peers are speaking out because they are NOT pleased by his actions at all.

As everyone now knows, Donald Trump welcomed Kanye West to the oval office today for a luncheon but before they could get to the food, Kanye West went on a serious rant explaining how being Black doesn’t mean you have to be a Democrat.

White Republicans were obviously excited to have a black man, a rapper, in the oval office supporting Trump, since the 99.9% of the black community knows he’s NOT doing a damn thing for the culture or the people.

Kim Kardashian-West, we blame you for NOT getting your husband back on his meds. He is making a fool of himself talking about the 13 amendment being like a trap door. What?

Is it a trap door for himself? Does Kanye have issues or what?

Donald sitting and nodding as Kanye continues talking, not letting the President get a word in. Kind of how Trump bullies everyone else. Hey its stupid entertaining stupid, but the sad thing is that The Don seems to get it. Like they say “Stupid does as stupid does.”

The most notable (and cringe-worthy) part of the clip is at the end where Kanye lets it be known that he doesn’t just like Donald, he loves him.

Kanye’s public display of affection has understandably put him on Diddy’s naughty list, that means No more “white party” invites or any A-list events for Kim or Kanye. Oh no Kim, Kanye is ruining your brand! Girl, what you gonna do?

Here is what Diddy is doing about the video from Ye.

Diddy posted:

Somebody tell this NEGRO to give me a call! #NOTblackexcellence

After watching this, please go out and vote and let’s NOT get another @ss like President Trump in office.

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