Did Chris Tucker Almost Steel Jamie Foxx Car



Did Chris Tucker Almost Steel Jamie Foxx Car?!?

Chris Tucker had a case of “All Black People Look Alike” at the airport in August when he was mistaken for Jamie Foxx.

Acutally a driver mistakes Chris Tucker for Jamie Fox!

This was a funny post by Chris Tucker that black folks all look alike. LOL! It seems Jamie Fox‘s driver picked up Chris Tucker thinking he had the Academy Award Winning actor in the car, CelebNMusic247.com has learned.¬†Tucker realized he was in the wrong car when the driver asked “where we going Mr. Fox?”

Instead of hijacking¬†Jamie Foxx’s ride, he decided to take the high road and give back the ride and “go back to the airport and and give him his car.”

Tucker took to Twitter to air his thought’s about the incident along with the photo above.

“All Black People Look Alike, the driver at the Airport had me in Jamie Fox’s Car, I figured it out as soon as the driver said “where we going Mr. Fox?”, I had to go back to the airport and and give him his car.”

At least Chris was cool enough to bring back the car, that would have been funny but Chris is an honest man.

Wow, that is sad, Chris and Jamie look nothing alike.

What do you think?

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