Deion Sanders Hospitalized

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On Sunday (Oct 6) Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was hospitalized after landing at LAX and feeling a sharp pain in his stomach.

It’s been said it may be a Kidney Stone, but if that was the case it would be coming from Deion Sanders side and feels like someone shove a burning hot razor blade cutting from the inside out while someone is squeezing you side like a vice grip, while your insides want to explode.  The pain is ridiculous and doctors compare it to a woman having a baby. They call it the male child birth pain which is excrusiating beyond believe.

The fact that Deion Sanders took a photo with Fireman tells us it was something minor, like maybe a bad case of gas or food poisoning. Trust us we have had a kidney stone and passed out from the pain.

We don’t think Deion has a kidney stone, but it could be early pains from his appendix…

Here’s the drop:

Prime needed immediate attention after arriving in Los Angeles — and tells us he received assistance from two very helpful firefighters.

We’re told the 46-year old athlete is currently being checked out for kidney stones — as well as possible appendix issues … but still no firm answer on the cause.

Sanders couldn’t have been in too much pain though … since he had time to snap pics with the guys who helped him out.

Deion Sanders posted this Tweet thanking the Firemen who helped him: