Damon Dash Unleashes Over Jay Z Questions


Damon Dash Unleashes Over Jay Z Questions!!!

When speaking to Damon Dash know the golden rule which is NEVER ask him about Jay Z or Damon Dash Unleashes Over Jay Z Questions.

The former business partners tolerate each other, but their friendship has never been repaired since the split of Roc-A-Fella Records. Jay Z has been able to move on from the past and become a respected business man in his own right, Dame can’t seem to distance himself from their past.

In fact, when it comes to Dame Dash being asked anything about Jay Z it’s like having salt poured into an open wound and in a recent appearance on the Breakfast Club Dame lost his cool.


While promoting his new movie, Dame snapped when he was once again asked about Jay Z by Charlamagne, Angie Ye and DJ Envy.

He says:

“Everybody knows my history with Jay………get off of that man. Ya never ask that man no questions about me. I just don’t want to talk about those days…I haven’t even seen Jay but two times in 15 years……I don’t play these ghetto games. Once a ni**a has certain friends we don’t even talk about him no more where I’m from.”