Chris Lighty’s Wife Reveals There Was No Fight!

Chris Lighty's Wife Reveals There Was No Fight!-902-1

(CelebNMusic247) Chris Lighty‘s Wife Reveals There Was No Fight!

Earlier this week the Hip Hop community was shocked after high-powered manager and Violator head, Chris Lighty committed suicide.

Now new details have revealed that the initial reports claiming that the incident happened after an argument with his estranged wife Veronica Lighty is incorrect.

A spokesperson for Veronica says that’s not true:

“He was in a lot of pain and he possibly had some financial difficulties,” said Norman Downes, a friend who spoke on behalf of Veronica Lighty, who was too upset to speak Friday.

“But they didn’t get into a fight that day,” Downes insisted.

Lighty’s suicide came as he was preparing to move out of their W. 232nd St. home in South Riverdale. The couple was in the midst of a bitter divorce.

The mogul walked out of the house, saying, “I’m tired of this,” and walked to the back yard and shot himself in the head with a 9-mm. handgun, sources said.

But Lighty’s wife, speaking through Downes, suggested that Lighty’s financial problems might have finally pushed the successful entrepreneur over the edge.

Sources said Lighty’s money woes included a debt to the IRS that would have cost him more than $300,000 in unpaid state and federal taxes.

When asked if financial problems might have provoked Lighty to commit suicide, Downes said, “The only person that really knows is Chris, and he ain’t here.”

Lighty’s death was officially ruled a suicide Friday, reports NY Daily News.

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