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Why Trump Will Now Be Called President 45

Why Trump Will Now Be Called President 45

We are going to make this short and to the point after a conversation with some colleagues this weekend. We will no longer address the President by his name. From now on he is number 45. He is the 45th President of the United States, but he is a disgrace to our country and everyone who lives here.

He continues to say he is “making America great” but no one has seen anything great. His efforts have demonstrated his is dividing our country by race, and lifestyle. Read on about President 45

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Akon Calls "Blacks for Trump" Sellouts

Akon Calls “Blacks for Trump” Sellouts

If you’ve been paying attention to our country instead of Amber Rose changing her Wiz Khalifa tattoo, then you may know our country is in shambles. If Not, Akon is letting all blacks know “Blacks for Trump” are Sellouts!!!

This is worse than R Kelly sexcapade accusations and his denials or Usher’s herpes lawsuit that is just won’t go away. Why can we fix our country like TI finally agreeing to go to marriage counseling with his wife Tiny? Read on to see why Akon is calling “Blacks for Trump” Sellouts…

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Should The Washington + Jefferson Monuments Be Torn Down

Trump’s Washington + Thomas Jefferson Comparison Ridiculous – Should The Washington Monument Be Torn Down?

Donald Trump is questioning what America stands for these days since the Charlottesville riots. The President is blaming both sides for rioting! Once again Trump is twisting the truth and insinuating blacks were involved. It was all white people in the photos.

Then, he takes us all the way back, and decided to give the journalists a history lesson. Donald Trump raised the question “should we take down the Washington and Jefferson Monuments?” Read on…

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