Bow Wow Gay Cuddling Photo Solved

(CelebNMusic247) Bow Wow Gay Cuddling Photo Solved!

Last week, Bow Wow, born Shad Moss told the media that his Twitter account was hijacked and the photo of he and another man laid up in bed was all the talk.[check the Tweet’s HERE]

The question in everyone’s mind was, is that Bow Wow in bed with another man spooning?

The photo appeared on August 22nd, but other sites are claiming it surfaced last night. We didn’t post the photo, because we didn’t think it looked like Bow Wow at all.

However, we are posting it today to clear the confusion on who is in the picture.  Bow Wow was understandably perturbed by the situation, but it was all so bizarre that we began questioning if it was actually Bow Wow doing it all himself for the attention

The gay accusations started swirling after a photo was posted online with Bow Wow laid up in bed with another dude naked. Bow Wow quickly went on the defensive and claimed his Twitter page was hijacked. It was believed that the user hacked Bow Wow’s Twitter as a way to extort money from him and to gain exposure for the wannabe rapper’s mixtape.

According to StraightFromTheA, who received an email from one of the men in the photo after several of his friends told him he was on the site. His name is Preston E. He sent the following email speaking on the alleged photo with Bow Wow.

Preston clears up the confusion:

“Is it possible to like speak to you about clearing up this bow wow picture frenzy.”

“That’s actually a picture of myself and my boyfriend. You can check out our twitters and instagrams @imtheprettiestp and @sincerelycb.”

Preston adds:

“I posted the picture around Christmas of last year via twitter. It’s of myself and my boyfriend. Around that time some people made a fake twitter using the picture I believe it’s @mymanp.”

“As to how the I am 7 guy or whatever his twitter name is found it–I have no clue. But to be honest the picture has absolutely nothing to do with bow wow. If you go on my twitter and look at the images posted section you’ll be able to see when the picture was actually posted up.”

So there you have the photo was NOT a fake, but it was NOT Bow Wow in the photo. It was Preston and his boyfriend.

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