Amina Threatens To Tell Tara About Their Marriage

Amina Threatens To Tell Tara About Their Marriage-1104-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Amina Threatens To Tell Tara About Their Marriage?

Amina Buddfly threatens to tell Tara Wallace after Peter Gunz shows up at the entrance of Yandy Smith’s Welcome to New York party for K. Michelle.

Despite the rumors that the love triangle story-line is fabricated, the emotions on camera are real with Amina, Tara and Peter Gunz who agreed to keep the marriage a secret until Love and Hip Hop season 4 kicked off.

While K. Michelle is inside with Yandy, Tara and friends, Peter Gunz is outside blocking Amina from going inside and to stop this ish from hitting the fan.

When Rich tells Peter Gunz that both Amina and Tara were going to be at K.Michelle’s party, Peter rushes over to the club to stop Amina from going in.

Peter tries to lure Amina from going inside, but she is tired of being the closet wife and threatens to tell Tara herself. Peter tells her its NOT her place, but she’s NOT hearing that and if he doesn’t tell Tara she will. She will set the time and place and have it out with Tara herself.

It’s a hot mess love triangle!


While Peter Gunz is blocking Amina from going inside to the party, Yandy and K.Michelle are having a good old time at K’s “Welcome To New York” party. Paris, Erica Jean, Tahiry, and Tara are inside celebrating.