Amina Reveals She’s Married to Peter Gunz

Oct 28th, 2013

Amina Reveals She's Married to Peter Gunz-1028-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Amina Reveals She’s Married to Peter Gunz

Tonight all was revealed on Love and Hip Hop between Peter Gunz and his romance with Amina Buddfly.

Not only is Gunz cheating on his baby mama of 15 years, he’s married to Amina and has been keeping it a secret.

Up until now, the New York-original flavor of the series has maintained a more serious side with fewer love triangles and more people just trying to figure out how to reconcile love and business. That’s ALL GONE now that Peter Gunz has joined the cast of LHHNY.

Peter is kicking off with a love triangle that is more scandalous than Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. If you thought Stevie J, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez had a spicy love triangle happening – its nothing compared to Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly.

First we meet Amina singing at Rich and his sister Yandy’s label showcase. Peter Gunz shows up with Tara Wallace, the love of his life. Then Amina meets Tara for the first time and you can cut the air its so thick.

After Rich, Yandy and Tara are across the room Amina and Peter get their flirt on…MESSY!

While Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz are sitting at a session watching Amina perform, Gunz gives it away when he tells Rich she looks good. Rich immediately questions him and tells him that he preached to him dump Erica Mena last year and stop mixing pleasure with business. Then to turn around and get caught up is ridiculous.

Then, Amina sits down and is all flirty with Peter, he gets up to get drinks and that is when Rich breaks it down that mixing business and pleasure is NOT cool. He tells her to know her place, but Amina quickly responds to Rich showing him a tattoo and claiming that they’re married.

Amina follows the show with a Tweet on Twitter:


The cat is out of the bag and Tara Wallace is gonna be PISSED!




  1. JP says:

    Are they legally married?

  2. T.Smith says:

    Peter Gunz is sorry as hell ! Tara deserves so much more, its like he used her for children! O I guess he thought he was more than a Mississippi Girl A.k.A Woman before Anything!

  3. IzRosay says:

    Peter is disgusting and he will pay for it all in the end. men like him end up with NOTHING

  4. Denise Callowaysmithswife Curr says:

    This is disgusting Peter Gunz is a bitch. Less of a man is what he is. So sad that our society has come to a world full of broken homes.

  5. Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari says:

    I would like you to know that you have a whore living in 2R. buddafly, Amina buddafly… He’s Tara’s man. Get your own goddamn man. ( goodfellas) lol

  6. Joe Morris says:

    This is where the 80/20 rule comes in

  7. Melissa Aide says:

    Won’t purchase one cd, one single, shit I wont even download her shit for free. I’m not supporting either one of them.

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