50 Cent TROLLS T.I. Hard; Tip Claps Back

50 Cent Clarifies His Music Better Than T.I.

50 Cent TROLLS T.I. Hard; Tip Claps Back!

Queens native 50 Cent will NOT stop letting rapper and Atlanta native Clifford ‘T.I.” Harris have it when it comes to hip hop and who is the better rapper. Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that 50 Cent took to social media in a series of posts to let T.I. get his news.

When it comes to hip hop, there is always someone bigger. This leads us to big dawg 50 Cent and his prey, T.I.!

50 Cent went on to say this about T.I. after congratulating him on teaming up together for a television project.

Fif kicked off with this and didn’t stop letting Tip know he’s the plug:

50 Cent went on to compare T.I.’s hip hop catalog to his patch beard saying “his music is not connected like his beard.”

Tip didn’t let Fif get the last word in:

T.I. wrote in his own posts playfully teasing the Get Rich or Die Trying rapper.

He wrote:

Dis n—a @50cent slow af…He actually think he got a shot wit that one & 1/2 albums he got.

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