Latin King Gang Member Attacks R. Kelly For Spotlight

R. Kelly Beaten By A Latin King Gang Member In Prison

Latin King Gang Member Attacks R. Kelly For Spotlight!

Fallen R&B king Kellz is learning that prison is way harsher than he expected. Read on since a Latin King Gang Member Attacks R. Kelly For Spotlight… is hearing that a Latin King street gang member, whose name is Jeremiah Shane Farmer, wrote that “the government made me attack” R. Kelly.

Why Latin King Gang member beat up R. Kelly!

Jeremiah Shane Farmer, a Latin King street gang member who was convicted of a racketeering conspiracy involving two 1999 northwest Indiana murders has claimed to be the man who attacked R. Kelly in jail last week.

According to Farmer, he claims that he carried out the attack “in hopes of getting spotlight attention and world news notice to shed light on” alleged government corruption, per The Chicago Sun-Times.

The prison employee wrote, stating that he appeared to be on top of Kelly on the bottom bunk.

He said:

Inmate Farmer appeared to be punching inmate Kelly repeatedly in the head and torso.

The prison employee was then forced to use pepper spray to end the assault before Farmer was placed in the MCC’s solitary housing unit following the attack.

The Latin King Gang member says a mental health professional at the MCC told him to beat up R. Kelly.

Farmer wrote:

You don’t want to assault Kelly, if you did, you would have done it. He “said some disrespect back” and was told, “go do it then.”

What do you think about the Latin King Gang member beating up R. Kelly?

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