50 Cent Reminds Fans Power Spin-Off Follows Power Season 6

Since the premiere of Power, the first episode has been the topic of conversation in many circles since the “Big Rich Town” blowback, and that Angela Valdez was killed off in the first episode.

Fans have more than disgruntled about the way Power is headed, but everyone is forgetting that Power has a spin-off following season 6. Read on….

CelebNMusic247.com reports that back in July 50 Cent took to social media to let everyone know that Power may be ending but there is a spin-off series to follow.

The STARZ series’ co-creator wants everyone to remember Power doesn’t really end with Season 6.

The bottom line is that 50 Cent is tired of everyone tripping that this is the final season of Power. There is a Power Spin-Off!

There’s a whole new spin-off called Power Book II: Ghost, which picks up shortly after the Season 6 finale. There are no details on what the new spin-off called Power Book II: Ghost is about, but according to source it will be about Ghost in the early years with Kanon, Tommy and Keisha and who knows maybe Angela too?

The only thing is that it won’t be with the current cast that everyone has grown to love and that is what Fiddy is NOT understanding. The chemistry of the characters and the how the show was done was in a class of its own.

Power was an instant classic like The Wire, The Sappranos, and OZ. It had been so long since TV had a serious show with good bones to naw on and now its gone. People don’t like change, but it is what it is.

50 wrote via Instagram on Friday (August 30).

POWER BOOK II starts 48 hours after the finale, so stop saying this is the last season. THE PARTY IS NOT OVER!

If you recall, in July, Fiddy announced R&B powerhouse Mary J. Blige would take part in Power Book II: Ghost.

50 captioned a photo of himself with Blige:

I had to bring something big to POWER. I went and got the best @therealmaryjblige to star in ‘POWER book ll’ the show must go on.

50 Cent Reminds Fans "Power" Has A Spin-Off

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