Zuri Hall Interview: Talks America Ninja Warrior, Podcast + Balancing Career

Zuri Hall Interview: Talks America Ninja Warrior, Podcast + Balancing Career!

Zuri Hall is one of the TV host of NBC’s Emmy-nominated Access Hollywood but she is a lot more than that. You may have seen her in a few TV series, on America Ninja Warrior or be listening to her weekly on her “Hot Happy Mess” Podcast…

CelebnMusic247.com’s Peter Ricci had the pleasure of speaking with Zuri Hall on the upcoming episode of America Ninja Warrior and how emotional the show really is for her.

Zuri explained to us that she loves doing America Ninja Warrior because she is able to watch contestants return and tell their story as they try to achieve the grueling obstacle course.

In addition, to doing America Ninja Warrior, the Access Hollywood co-host opposite of Mario Lopez talked to us about her podcast “Hot Happy Mess” where talks to real women about real topics. The show is to empower all woman with topics that focus on health, healing, yoga, fitness, and daily living.

The podcast is very interesting as well as informative. Zuri has such an ease when speaking with her guests on Wednesday’s via Apple Podcast which you can listen to just by clicking here.

Take a moment and listen to our interview with Zuri, you won’t be disappointed, and wait until the end when I trip over myself and become my own Hot Happy Mess.

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Zuri, she is truly amazing.

Until the next interview…