Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors!

Enough with the fake news already! Zendaya is NOT having it and we don’t blame her for shutting down the pregnancy rumors…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that don’t even think about waiting around for any mini-Zendayas to pop up anytime soon!

On Wednesday, famed actress Zendaya, 25, took to her Instagram stories to shut down pregnancy rumors that recently surfaced. According to reports, speculation that Zendaya is pregnant started after a social media user created a TikTok video alluding that the “Euphoria” star announced her pregnancy online. The short video clip features a sonogram that has been edited to look like it was posted on Zendaya’s official IG page.

Of course, everyone assumed it was Tom Holland and Zendaya’s first baby together, but they’re whole relationship is studio made for the Spider Man movies. They did the same thing with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst then again with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Do the studios think that fans are that stupid?

Despite the video somewhat being believable, Zendaya wasted no time in letting the world know the image is fake. She shared online,

See now, this is why I stay off Twitter.

She added,

Just making stuff up for no reason…weekly.

Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Zendaya

However, it seems like by the time the actress spoke her truth, the damage was already done. She’s since been trending as fans and fellow celebs discuss if she’s actually pregnant or not.

Rapper Lil Nas X, 23, proved he is a fan and not a friend of Zendaya’s because he tweeted:

I hate twitter because I’m sitting here about to congratulate Zendaya via dm about a baby that doesn’t exist.

Maybe if he was a real friend of hers he would be congratulating because he would know it was a lie. This is why celebs who are fans needs to get the facts first before looking dumb.

Despite the post, they are friends, but not together:


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