Young Thug Tweet Causes Major Stir

Young Thug Tweet Causes Major Stir

Young Thug Tweet Causes Major Stir!

Hip hop superstar Young Thug is currently behind bars awaiting trial on a pending RICO case in Fulton County Georgia. But his most recent social media activity is causing quite a stir outside of his cell… reports that the “Lifestyle” rapper recently sent out a tweet to Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and that didn’t sit well with the courts, according to reports.

During Thursday’s court hearing in Georgia, the judge called for limitations on the communication between lawyers and their clients in YSL’s RICO case after prosecutors raised concerns about leaked discovery information and witness intimidation.

11 Alive News shared footage of Judge Ural Glanville addressing Thug and Gunna’s lawyer, Brian Steel, as the rapper’s looked on from a video camera behind the walls of Cobb County Jail. As Steel pushed back against the prosecutors claims, denying that Thugga has access to a cell phone in jail, Judge Glanville fired back, “This is part of the conversation I had with all of you about your teams and everybody else. You really gotta zealously clamp down on—it’s like dealing with classified information. It’s need to know at this point in time. And if people don’t need to know, you don’t need to disclose it. And it’s gonna get somebody either hurt or somebody in a lot of trouble.”


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However, Steel doubled down on his claim that someone else tweets for the YSL rapper while he’s behind bars. “

Steel stated:

[The Michael Phelps tweet] was a conversation that was recorded between [Young Thug] and a member of his close family, close friendships.  He asked the other person who’s in control of his Twitter account to send that, or the Instagram, maybe. That is not a reason to [restrict].

Despite his persistent, the Judge concluded that Thug’s ability to get a message out while in jail means he has the ability to intimidate witnesses.