Young Buck Used to Write 50 Cent Bars

Young Buck Used to Write 50 Cent's Lyrics

Young Buck Used to Write 50 Cent Bars? Really?

Former G-Unit rapper, Young Buck and 50 Cent will NEVER stop going at each other.

According to Young Buck, he is claiming that he wrote rhymes for The G-Unit General aka 50 Cent. Yes, Buck is saying he was Fiddy’s ghostwriter. Read on for more on Young Buck writing 50 Cent Bars…


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A post shared by 50centnewsfeed (@50centnewsfeed) is not surprised at the claims coming from Young Buck, but why did he wait so long to bring this up?

G-Unit has been dismantled for years now, and 50 Cent has transitioned in the film and TV along with producing the soundtracks for his projects.

Meanwhile, Young Buck is still trying to have a comeback. And don’t discredit Buck he is a very talented rapper and lyricist.

Buck says that he wrote four of 50 Cent’s songs and he has NEVER received any royalties or credit for his works. He said that 50 was like a big brother to him. He was young and excited about the opportunity just to be on.

Check it:

So why the claims of writing 50 bars for his hit songs?

It has to do with the ongoing attacks from Fiddy who has periodically taken shots at his former artist, most notably around the issues surrounding his alleged – but not confirmed – affinity for trans women.

Young Buck joins the list of many rappers in the industry who claim they’re not gay but love to smash Transgender females. From Mister Cee, who admits he is all about that life, to rappers like Cassidy, Tyga, LL Cool J, and Chingy who to this day all deny kicking with Trans women.

Young Buck, who also goes by Buck Shotz, claims that he and 50’s beef was actually fake and manufactured. 50 Cent definitely denied that and then, on top of it all, reiterated the transsexual allegations. So now I’m beginning to think that this is all war and nothing is off-limits.

Basically, these two will dig up whatever they can just to throw the other one under the bus in the media. e are surprised that Buck has revealed that 50 loves to have his salad tossed for hours like Juelz Santana?

Anyways, these two have history so we can only imagine what will surface next. If anyone remembers, back in the day G-Unit was rumored to be all into each other’s units backstage. They could care less about female groupies, so this feud may just be more of a domestic feud between two exes (allegedly).

Those are some of the rumors from back in the day, so we are not surprised by any of this.

It definitely seems like this FACT or FICTION has taken a very long time to come out. I think we would’ve heard this before, kind of like how the rumors with The Game and 50 Cent started. 50 Cent charges that he took a number of old songs from his debut and gave them to his Compton protege.