Young Buck GF Arrested For Shooting; 50 Cent Weighs In

Young Buck GF Arrested For Shooting; 50 Cent Weighs In

Young Buck GF Arrested For Shooting; 50 Cent Weighs In!

This week Lucresia Neil, the girlfriend of former G-Unit rapper, Young Buck has been arrested after she allegedly fired a gun at him during an argument. Read on… reports that Young Buck flipped over a large glass table in the home during the fight and grabbed her by her jacket and tried to throw her to the ground.

According to deputies Lucresia Neil fled to the bedroom and grabbed the gun to fire at Young Buck.

After Buck spotted the gun, he allegedly ran down to the garage and began kicking a wall. She then went down to the garage when he began walking towards her “aggressively.”

Lucresia says she fried a shot into the ground. Buck climbed into his vehicle and she says he began driving towards her, so she fired off another round. She denies trying to hit him.

Cops say the argument began over social media passwords.

Neil was booked into the Sumner County jail on a charge of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

50 Cent wasted little time in adding a mean-spirited twist to the narrative.

Buck and 50 have been feuding for some time now, but after the news of Buck’s girlfriend was arrested and booked for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon Fiddy weighed in.

50 Cent writes:

Better stop playing with them boys on IG Buck. She wants YOUR password. LOL.

To further emphasize the taunt, he made sure to add a loose visual reenaction of his interpretation.


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The bottom line, Buck and Lucresia argument is absolutely stupid.

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