Young Buck Insists He’s NOT Gay After Video Surfaces

Young Buck Insists He's NOT Gay After Video Surfaces

Young Buck is NOT having it!

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is sounding off after an alleged video surfaced of him allegedly receiving fellatio from a trans woman.

Read on to see Young Buck going off about a video of him online… got word that Young Buck allegedly got brain by a trans woman named Glamour Purfek.

It all started when a woman named Glamour Purfek claimed on Instagram that she had engaged in a romantic relationship with 37-year-old Young Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown.

The post was captioned:

@buckshotz show yourself to the [world] it would be so impressive…

You all know Young Buck was NOT having any of it, so he got extremely angry in the video saying:

Let me address this real fast real quick. Ain’t sh*t gay about me. I ain’t got no problem with no gay people. Whatever the f*ck you niggas thought you saw on a tape, n*gga that ain’t no motherfu*kin tape with a punk sucking my d**k!

He went on to say:

I “ain’t got a problem with no gay people” but “there ain’t no motherf*ckin’ tape of no motherf*ckin’ punk sucking my d*ck!”

There are a few rappers who will remain nameless that love Transgender women. Now, how they explained it to us is that “they ain’t gay.” They just like having sex with Transgender women because in their mind they believe that the trans woman was never a man.

We just sat there shaking our head because we had a similar discussion with a few rappers who acted just like Buck in this video.

It’s all good Buck, “you ain’t gay.” #SMH

Purfek posted a video apology and then deleted it, but click here to read the transcribed version via TheJasmineBrand…

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