Young Buck Begs Transgender Female “Take it Down…It’s Serious”

Young Buck Begs Transgender Female "Take it Down...It's Serious"

OK, hip-hop heads some of you might know about Young Buck’s scandal that he was caught on tape with a known transgender female.

What you might NOT know is that Young Buck was caught a second time begging a transgender female to take down all the posts EXPOSING his sexcapades… has the recording of Young Buck pleading and begging the transgender female to take down the video and all the posts EXPOSING buck sexing.

Young Buck offers her measly $2000 to make a statement and take all the post down because “people are getting hurt.” In September, Buck was caught on tape begging the transgender female that he was allegedly sexing.

Weeks later another audio of Young Buck has surfaced of him begging @iamglamourperfek via The Armon Wiggins Show. You can hear Buck in the audio recording pleading with her to take everything down because “it’s serious” and “people are getting hurt.”

You can hear the desperation in Young Buck’s voice that the sexcapade leaks it damaging his career as a rapper because he is still claiming that he is NOT GAY!

Buck goes off saying:

I don’t care why you doing this, but take that shit down.

The 37-year-old rapper goes on to tell her that shit down because he has to save his brand and career now:

Take that shit down before I do what I have to do to save my career. I have to go out and tell people that this shit ain’t real and I don’t know how this got out. I ain’t F–KING Gay!

Buck, born David Darnell Brown, then tells her to retract her statements and that she doesn’t know Young Buck.

He instructs her to do the following:

You say that is someone pretending to be you. That’s what you do. And then that pulls all that shit off of you. It clears things up with you and then I don’t have a problem with you, aiight? Do it as we speak. Take that shit down.

Buck tells her that he refuses to take everything down and refuses to get off the phone. He threatens her that “it’s serious.” Buck says he doesn’t have a problem with her and remaining friends like that, but she NEEDS to take the sextape down and act like she doesn’t know him. Multiple sources have reported on the former G-Unit rapper’s sexcapades.

Apparently, Buck has a magic stick that @iamglamourperfek can’t get over so easily because she wants more than just once.

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