Yo Gotti’s Protege Rapper Mr. Macnificent SNITCHING

Yo Gotti's Protege Rapper Mr. Macnificent SNITCHING

Yo Gotti’s Protege Rapper Mr. Macnificent SNITCHING!

it was previously reported that Yo Gotti is lucky to be alive after an attempted robbery and shooting. Now, we are hearing Yo Gotti’s protege rapper Mr. Macnificent has been caught SNITCHING…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that rapper Yo Gotti and all his affiliates have a solid reputation on the streets of Memphis.

However, that was until his biggest artist, Mr. Macnificent is being accused of “snitching” to the police.

And before you say, “no way!”

We have the paperwork to prove Jerry Miller, best known as Mr. Macnificent, was the victim of a home invasion robbery last year.

He was shot multiple times during the violent incident which occurred at his residence in West Bloomfield, Michigan last October.

Three unidentified assailants broke into the residence and shot Mr. Macnifient while his wife was inside the home.

We have obtained the police report from the incident – and apparently told police exactly who he believes robbed him and police used his statement to take the suspect into custody.

Here’s the report:

Why is this such a big deal? It’s not. But Macnificent was recently on social media BLASTING famed rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine for snitching,. . . and seems a tad bit hypocritical now.

Mr. Macnificent is a Memphis-area rapper with a growing global following and well-known record, How It Feel, has captured the attention of Block Entertainment and BET NETWORKS, two of the biggest names in the industry!

Yo Gotti's Protege Rapper Mr. Macnificent SNITCHING

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