Yo Gotti Fan Brutally Tackled By Security

Yo Gotti Fan Brutally Tackled By Security

This was so uncalled For Violence! Yo Gotti fans: if you love Yo Gotti, make sure to NEVER jump on stage to dance with your favorite rapper or expected to be brutally body slammed!

This looked like an NFL tackle in the super bowl. OMG, this poor Yo Gotti fan is probably in a lot of pain right about now. Read on…

While Yo Gotti was performing to his fans one of his diehards jumped up on stage behind him and started to bounce to the beat but he ended up being brutally tackled by security.

We get that the Yo Gotti fan should have NOT jumped on stage, but security could have just grabbed him because this was way too extreme.

Gotti was rocking The Block Party festival Saturday night in San Antonio when one excited and very brave fan decided to get a little closer. He was only on stage for about 2 seconds before he was tackled so hard by a muscle-bound security guard that it makes your soul leaves your body?

Gotti was so unfazed by the fan … it’s almost like he didn’t even know what was about to happen.

According to concertgoers, Gotti’s security worked the guy over a little bit after the tackle … and then police detained him.

We don’t know if the guy ended up getting arrested, but we KNOW he needs a lot of Advil today.

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