YG Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj Because Of 6ix9ine

YG Won't Work With Nicki Minaj Because Of 6ix9ine

YG Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj Because Of 6ix9ine!

Wen it comes to female rappers Nicki Minaj has basically gotten herself on the DO NOT COLLAB list with many rappers since her recent track with 6ix9ine. The track has already fallen on the charts because its garbage.

Anyways, YG has announced that he will no longer work in Nicki Minaj since she decided to get back in the charts by way of 6ix9ine. Bad idea. Read on…


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CelebNMusic247.com reports not to expect any collaborations between YG and Nicki Minaj anytime soon, this according to HNHH.

See the site is reporting that years ago, YG called on Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Nicki Minaj to help round out his single “Big Bank.”

If you recall, Tekashi 6ix9ine poked fun at the single and attempted to rile up YG into an online beef, causing tension between the artists to rise.

Then, YG used 6ix9ine’s mugshot as the background visual to his concerts, and the rapper even dropped the track “Stop Snitchin'” inspired by the rainbow-haired artist.

Well, in a recent interview YG was asked if he would collaborate with Nicki Minaj in the future since Nicki has shared the stage with 6ix9ine on “Trollz.”

When it comes to his response, YG was a bit hesitant, but then he said:

I don’t know, my feelings was hurt!

YG said after shaking his head to imply that the answer was no. “I’m a real street n*gga… Yeah, I’m cool.

It didn’t take long for 6ix9ine to jump on the opportunity to diss YG, saying:

Smh Damn Nicki u done messed up big time…


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