Yella Beezy Gets Update About His Sexual Assault Charge

Yella Beezy Gets Update About His Sexual Assault Charge

Yella Beezy Gets Update About His Sexual Assault Charge!

Rapper Yella Beezy’s legal troubles appear to be receding after he received his latest update regarding Yella Beezy Sexual Assault Charge… reports that on Tuesday, June 14, CBS4 published that the Texas native will no longer be facing charges of sexual assault and child endangerment or abandonment.

According to a report CBS4, Yella Beezy, who was born Markies Deandre Conway, was initially arrested in November and hit with charges of abandoning or endangering a child and unlawfully carrying a weapon. He also reportedly had an outstanding warrant for a sexual assault charge. The report doesn’t confirm whether or not his charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon still stands.

“Y’all just gotta stop playing on my name,” Yella Bezy said following his arrest in November. “I was arrested on false allegations. I was arrested before I was even questioned and I knew about anything [that] was going on, but it’s false allegations. Everybody that knows me knows I’m not pressed over sex or anything of that nature. I ain’t no aggressive person. That don’t even fit me, at all…my character. Me and that same thing doesn’t even belong in the same sentence. It doesn’t even sound right coming out of my mouth.”

The sexual assault charge stems from a woman who claimed the rapper raped her in April 2021. According to her version of the story, Conway took her to dinner and invited her to his home to kill time before their planned bowling reservation. After they played card games, she said he asked for a massage while shirtless. She agreed but afterward she claimed Conway pounced on her, pulled her dress up and inserted his penis into her vagina against her will.

The rapper was previously arrested last month after an warrant was issued due to “bond held insufficient” stemming from the bail he reportedly posted from his November arrest. So far, there has been no comment from Yella Beezy nor the alleged victim on the dismissal of the rapper’s two charges as of press time.