XXXTentacion Fans Shut Down Melrose Ave Jumping Off Rooftops

XXXtentacion Fans Shut Down Melrose Ave Jumping Off Rooftops

After the news of XXXTentacion death reached fans in Los Angeles they swarmed to Melrose Ave shutting down the street in a memorial for the rapper who was gunned down by senseless gun violence

XXXTentacion, 20, hoped that his fans would live on after his death and hoped that his message reaches at least 5000 people. X message has reached way more millennials than he knew. In the wake of his death, X fans were jumping off rooftops, and carrying on in the streets of Los Angeles. Read on to watch XXXtentacion Fans jumping off rooftops…

XXXtentacion Fans Shut Down Melrose Ave Jumping Off RooftopsRead on to get the latest happenings after the death of XXXtentacion reached his fans yesterday in Los Angeles, California.

XXXtentacion name has apparently has become a hip-hop legend with many of his fans. The Florida native was no angel, during his short-lived fame he was involved in a number of crimes. Today a witness described the events before he was shot in cold blood.

XXXtentacion Fans lost their minds after their favorite rapper was gunned down!

The controversial rapper was awaiting trial for a number of charges including physically assaulting his ex while she was pregnant which could cumulatively have him in prison for decades. He signed a $6 million deal at a time when a viral video of him going upside a fan’s head with a mic had surfaced. He stabbed a man in elementary school for messing with his mother, he said. He was put out of chorus for punching a classmate and was expelled from middle school for fighting and violently beat up a gay man while in juvenile detention, a story he’s since bragged about so he’s had a life of being involved in violence, but to his credit, he says he grew up with his mother who “had it hard” and often simply couldn’t take care of him. – Pop Glitz

Take a look at the video of XXXTentacion Fans jumping off the rooftop in a memorial for the rapper who was gunned down on Monday.

Hip Hop nerd Eric Diep made a chronicle of the event on Twitter during an XXXtentacion memorial:

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