Wolfgang Van Halen SLAMS UsWeekly For Bogus Article

Wolfgang Van Halen SLAMS UsWeekly For Bogus Article

Wolfgang Van Halen SLAMS UsWeekly For Bogus Article!

In October, we lost ROCK ICON, Eddie Van Halen, after he lost his battle to cancer. His son Wolfgang Van Halen confirmed the news, but since the news of Eddie’s passing outlets continue to milk his death for news articles and he wants them to STOP. Read on to see why Wolfgang Van Halen SLAMS UsWeekly…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Wolfgang Van Halen is PISSED that news outlets continue to post articles about his father passing away, but the most recent is truly disrespectful.

Instead of honoring the family’s wish to honor the Van Halen’s request, UsWeekly has decided to post an article focused on Valerie Bertinelli allegedly speaking about her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen.

The outlet released an article in October about Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen being so in love with each other. But their romance ended and in January 2011 The actress remarried, her to financial planner Tom Vitale. After the split, Eddie married Janie Liszewski in June 2009.

UsWeekly wrote that Bertinelli was among the loved ones by Van Halen’s side when he died at age 65 on October 6.

Now the site is posting another news article about Eddie entitled Love, Loss, and Staying Strong.

Shortly after Wolfgang caught wind of the story, he quickly took to social media to debunk the interview.

Eddie’s son Wolfgang writes:

F-ck this, and f-ck you @usweekly

The only thing printed in this piece of toilet paper that’s true is that we all loved my father.

This is not a new interview. My mother did not speak to them for this. That is all.

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