Why Gronk and Big Papi Should NEVER Do Music Videos

Gronk and Big Papi Summer Chill Hit Single-Sippin-0608-1

Why Gronk and Big Papi Should NEVER Do Music Videos!!!

The new Dunkin’ Donuts commercial is actually funny because Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz are so bad, but this is Why Gronk and Big Papi Should NEVER Do Music Videos.

Dunkin’ Donuts enlisted two of New England’s finest Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots and David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

Over the weekend the coffee company released a new commercial Monday morning featuring the two beloved athletes in a music video for their single “Sippin’,” and it is a visual masterpiece.


Here is what Rob Gronkowski said:

“I’m really excited to work with Dunkin’ Donuts again and team with Big Papi to showcase our singing and dancing skills in our first-ever album.”

“I’ve caught touchdowns in front of 80,000 fans in a stadium, but I don’t often sing in front of anyone, so this was definitely a new and fun experience. Thank goodness Papi has some serious singing talent!”

Watch the video includes a tandem bike, a “cup solo” with help from Big Papi, and Gronk taking in some sunshine by poolside:

We love that Gronkowski and Ortiz are both spokesman for Dunkin’ Donuts, but we hope a full musical album NEVER comes to life, unless it’s as a joke.

Our advice….Stick to what you both do best guys.

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