Westside Gunn Hospitalized: Now Recovering

Westside Gunn Hospitalized

Westside Gunn Hospitalized: Now Recovering!

According to reports, Buffalo New York rapper Alvin Lamar Worthy, best known as Westside Gunn has been hospitalized for the second time this month…

Westside Gunn Hospitalized

CelebnMusic247.com and CelebnHealth247.com has learned that this afternoon, the Griselda spitter posted an IG Story in which the paramedics come and get him.

Westside Gunn (Flygod) revealed he was having some respiratory issues on Tuesday (December 21) via Instagram. With emergency responders on scene, the 39-year-old rapper noted it was the second time this month he had to be treated.

Westside typed:

Pray for me they had to call for emergency…I couldn’t breath, it’s under control now but otw to hospital. 2x this month.


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Gunn was previously hospitalized with COVID.

Earlier today it’s unclear what his ailment is this time.

What we are hearing is that everything is under control at this time.

He posted this:

Westside Gunn Hospitalized

The news arrives around two months after fellow Griselda rapper Benny the Butcher was hospitalized for a non-COVID-19 related medical emergency.

Benny confirmed the news in October via social media shortly before he was scheduled to perform in Detroit. A rep for Benny told Complex that the rapper was hospitalized due to asthma, a condition that he’s previously rapped about dealing with.

Regardless we are sending out prayers to Westside Gunn.