Wendy Williams Brother Tommy Responds To Her Threats

Wendy Williams Brother Tommy Responds To Her Threats

Wendy Williams Brother Tommy Responds To Her Threats!

Tommy Williams just wants to know why didn’t you show up to your mom’s funeral? And why did you hurt you father so deeply?

The talks show diva used her platform to expose her brother Tommy Williams and make a threat that he needs to stop taking to social media. Well, things are getting messy because Wendy Williams brother is responding to her clap back. Read on…

CelebnMusic247.com has the latest from Wendy Williams brother Tommy Williams recent reveal about his sister not making it to their mother’s funeral.

Wendy Williams did not take kind to what he had to say during his video speaking about how he is having a hard time dealing with the loss of their mom. Shirley Williams obituary can be seen here…

Williams is NOT having any of it from Tommy.

He says that his mom would want their kids to get along and be their for each other, but it doesn’t seem like that is happening.

Tommy goes on to say that he is there for his dad. And he is disappointed that family doesn’t seem to be there when you need them. Then, he questioned why someone [Wendy Williams] would not go to their own mother’s funeral?

Well, that triggered Wendy and she went off on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

Tommy kicked off saying “Wendy this video is for you…and daddy is really upset with you.”

He goes on to express his feelings and frustrations that Wendy came to town for their mom’s funeral. He goes on to say that their dad is hurt. And the family is fragmented because she missed her mother’s funeral.

Tommy even reveals that Kevin Hunter, Wendy’s ex came to the funeral, but you didn’t.

He wants to know “why did you lie to daddy that you had to rush back to New York, but you were still in town.”

Tommy is putting Wendy on BLAST for not being there for the family.

He states that he is calling for their dad, NOT for himself, and that Wendy is wrong for how she is shutting the family out.

Wendy Williams brother is calling her out for NOT being there for the family and her dad.

He just wants her to tell daddy why she didn’t show at the funeral and pick up the phone when daddy calls.