Was Wendy Williams Behind NeNe Leakes Talk Show Cancellation


Was Wendy Williams Behind NeNe Leakes Talk Show Cancellation?!?

Rumor has it that Wendy Williams may possibly be the one Behind the NeNe Leakes Talk Show Cancellation.

Earlier this summer CelebNMusic247.com announced that NeNe Leakes had officially left The Real Housewives of Atlanta to pursue her career.

NeNe teased that she has several major career moves lined up, but the only confirmation was that Leakes would be appearing on ABC’s To Tell the Truth this fall.

It had been RUMORED that the reality TV star would follow that with her own talk show entitled The NeNe Leakes Talk Show. It was said to be produced by the same company that does Wendy Williams’ talk show. (which we thought it would be a sinking ship like Kris Jenner’s talk show, Kris).


Unfortunately for NeNe, the talk show will not be happening, and Wendy may have been behind it, CelebNMusic247.com has learned:

According to B. Scott [via AATRH], NeNe’s talk show was scheduled to air weekdays right after Wendy’s show aired. Wendy was fine with that at first, but after they fell out, NeNe’s show was no more.

“One day, Wendy went on air and criticized NeNe for defacing her Hermes Birkin bag — you know how Wendy does,” B. Scott explained. “NeNe didn’t take too kindly to her comments and blasted Wendy in an open letter – the one where she called her ‘Wendell.’”

The article continued, “After that, Wendy went back to her people and basically gave them an ultimatum – It’s either her (NeNe), or me. They chose Wendy based off the success of her existing show. NeNe’s talk show died.”

Mmm hmm, bye felicia!