Was Freddie Gibbs BANNED From Instagram

Was Freddie Gibbs BANNED From Instagram

Freddie Gibbs BANNED From Instagram!

Rapper Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter to reveal that he has been banned by Instagram. Read on…

Was Freddie Gibbs BANNED From Instagram

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Gibbs tweeted, “they just banned me on Instagram…[It’s the] end of an era.”

Many fans of Freddie Gibbs had to ask why the ban occurred.

Apparently, Gibbs’ Instagram stories are a source of humor for many of his fans, but they are often quite graphic, and many of the videos contain gratuitous violence.

He wrote in a separate tweet:

U know it’s f–ked up when Instagram call u and tell u that u banned.

Currenlty, Gibbs aka Kane Instagram is up and running – It appears they’ve lifted the ban on the rap star.

In June, the rapper spoke to GQ about how working with producer, Madlib, as improved his craft.

He told the publication:

I know how to do things better rap-wise than I knew how to do five years ago. I know how to attack songs different. I don’t even write sh*t down. You ain’t gotta write sh*t down. I know how to, at this point, really corral my energy on the microphone. I can rap all day, all night. I can rap circles around anybody. And the more I rap, the more I learn about rap. The more I learn about music.

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