Wack 100 Says He Can Put Squeeze on Urban Podcast Owners

Wack 100 Says He Can Put Squeeze on Urban Podcast Owners

Wack 100 Says He Can Put Squeeze on Urban Podcast Owners!

Why is Wack 100 trying to expose all these people? What is the goal?

Dealing With Everyday Struggles host Hassan Campell is blowing Cash Jones, best known as Wack 100 out of the water with another explosive reveal where music executive Wack 100 claims that he controls the narrative on multiple urban podcasts…

CelebnMusic247.com has more tea spilling on Wack 100 putting the squeeze on Urban Podcast Owners and other people in the industry.

100 has been trying to do allegedly put the squeeze of multiple people with a series of alleged videos in his possession.

It has been reported that Ray j fired Wack 100 as his manager in 2021 and shortly after the news surfaced the LA music exec reveals that he has another sex tape on Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

News resurfaced on the first episode of the Kardashians when Kim and Kanye’s son came across click bait.

Then, The Game has been sounding off recently about Kanye doing more for him than Dr. Dre ever did after Kanye released his song “Eazy” from Donda 2. But The Game continued to make headlines beefing with 50 Cent over Jimmy Iovino walking by him and not acknowledging him.

Earlier this week, Hassan leaked that Wack 100 was claiming he had a video of the late Nipsey Hussle doing some alleged gay stuff in a sex video.

And now, Wack 100 is making headlines in April claiming that he controls the narrative by allegedly putting the squeeze on it’s hip hop veteran hosts Nore of Drink Champs, and Wallo, & Gillie of MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME.

Hassan Campell is now putting Wack 100 in check saying “you don’t know me.”

Campell makes it clear in a stern voice “all you gotta do is apologize…APOLOGIZE…I ain’t even done yet…more to come…video uploading soon!”

He goes on saying:

See the lesson is…learn not to have a poddy mouth with people you don’t know…anything I say I say it to the whole internet and put it out there. Because I don’t care what people feel or think about me.

He keeps it 100 with Wack who has burned a lot of people in the industry:

You burnt a lot of bridges, so let me help you burn those bridges Wack! See the problem with you is…you thought you were going to humiliate me…and you was gon sink and destroy and put your teeth in me…Kool Mo Dee – How You Like Me Know?

He shouts out to his people, asking:

Was I playing ches or checkers?

Here is the proof from the alleged claims being made:

We will keep you posted and this is getting real…