Wack 100 Claims Master P Is Broke

Wack 100 Claims Master P Is Broke

Wack 100 Claims Master P Is Broke!

Rapper Master P is considered one of the wealthiest hip hop artists in the US. But if you ask Wack 100 that is not the case. Is Percy Miller all smoke and mirrors???

CelebnMusic247.com reports during an interview Wack 100 called Master P broke said in a new Clubhouse rant.

Before we get into this, let’s not forget Wack went on social media with FAKE NEWS in the past.

Wack 100 said:

First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them 18 years ago. You think this n*gga be selling noodles? The feds took his catalog, bro. Nick Cannon got real money, for real. Real, real money. I’m like, ‘How is [Master P] talking to this n*gga about what he doing and you ain’t nowhere in place, my n*gga. You can’t even stand with this man on a bad day. Who is you, bro, to be telling this n*gga about his business decisions and your business decisions ain’t been right for damn near 20 years!?

He went on to say:

P ain’t never been Baby. P has never in his life had the kind of money Baby had.

If you check Master P’s net worth this is what is being reported:

Percy Robert Miller Sr, better known by his stage name Master P, is a 54-year-old. He is also the founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises and Better Black Television, which is a television network that only lasted briefly.

According to wealthygorilla.com, Master P’s net worth is roughly still at $200million as of 2022.

They are trying to compare Master P to Nick Cannon who is working and producing. Nick’s net worth at this time is $30 million.

Wack 100 net worth is $3 million.

Does anyone believe Wack 100? Is he just a hater or trying to start rumors?

Why does the black community continue to rip each other down and not lift each other up?