Vic Mensa Wants His Fade with 6ix9ine and DjAkademics

Vic Mensa Wants His Fade with 6ix9ine and DjAkademics

When it comes to Chicago native Vic Mensa, he wants his fade with 6ix9ine.

He says that he’s seen him in Chicago running deep with security, but Vic wants Tekashi69 to show Chitown with some respect.

Mensa says step to him so he can turn his face the color of his hair. Vic Mensa wants 69 to see him with these hands. Read on…

Vic Mensa Wants His Fade with 6ix9ine and has the latest Instavideo from Vic Mensa who NEVER dissed or spoke ill will of 6ix9ine.

Vic Mensa makes it CLEAR that he only said 69 stole his style from Chicago, and 6ix9ine has admitted that.

As for, Akademics, Mensa straight up calls him a b***h and that its on when he sees him.

To rapper 69:

Come and face me then, and I’ll turn your face the color of your hair!

To DJ Akademics, Mensa says:

Shut your b***h @ss up, you already know its on when I see you!


Vic had a change of heart, so he changed up saying F**K the beef s**t, he’s about positivity. Check out his new music on Friday Metaphysical:

Check what out what Vic Mensa had to say here…


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