Usher Wins Bitter Custody Battle

(CelebNMusic247) Usher Wins Bitter Custody Battle!

Great news Usher fans, he has  just been awarded custody of his two sons over his ex-wife Tameka Raymond.

The former couple has been embroiled in a bitter and very public custody battle over the last several months. Tameka was trying to defame Usher every step of the way and even had him crying on the witness stand.

Tameka even stooped as low to say that her superstar ex-husband, Usher, was an absentee and irresponsible father.

The two engaged in mudslinging and name-calling throughout much of the fiery custody trial, with Usher even weeping on the stand at one point.

Maybe that would have held up if it was true, most recently Usher proved to be there when Tameka’s son was injured in a jet ski accident, which he died from. It was Usher’s step-son, he even flew Tameka to the hospital because she was nowhere near her son at the time of the incident, so who is the irresponsible parent again?

Despite the below the belt tactics by Tameka’s lawyer’s, Usher has been dubbed victor and awarded primary custody just hours ago today (August 24th).

Usher’s two sons will now be spending the majority of their time with him, while Tameka retains custodial rights.

It is unclear presently exactly how they will split time with the children.

Personally, I am happy that Usher has won. No offence to Tameka, but she’s went about it all the wrong ways.

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